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The pressure swing adsorption nitrogen generator produced by Jiangsu Jiayu Special Equipment Co., Ltd. is widely used in chemical, electronics, textile, coal, petroleum, natural gas, medicine, food, glass, machinery, powder metallurgy, magnetic materials and other industries. Different requirements for nitrogen use by different users in different industries, Jiayu provides customized and professional PSA nitrogen generator customization services, fully meet the gas requirements of different users. Our company’s nitrogen generator unit has features such as simple process flow, normal temperature production, high degree of automation, convenient opening and shutting down, less wearing parts, easy maintenance, and low production cost.
PSA Nitrogen Generator Working Principle
The PSA nitrogen generator is based on the principle of pressure swing adsorption.
Using high-quality carbon molecular sieves as adsorbents, under certain pressure, nitrogen is produced from the air. After purifying and drying the compressed air, it is pressure-adsorbed and desorbed under vacuum in an adsorber. Due to the kinetic effect, the rate of diffusion of oxygen in the pores of carbon molecular sieves is much greater than that of nitrogen, when the adsorption does not reach equilibrium, nitrogen is enriched in the gas phase to form high-purity nitrogen, then, the pressure is reduced to normal pressure, and the adsorbent desorbs other adsorbed oxygen and other impurities to achieve regeneration. Two adsorption towers are generally installed in the system. One tower adsorbs nitrogen and the other tower desulfurizes. Through the automatic control of the PLC program, the two towers are alternately cycled to achieve continuous production of high-quality nitrogen.
Technical Advantages of PSA Energy-Saving Nitrogen Generators
1, easy to install
The equipment has a compact structure and is completely outfitted. It requires no infrastructure investment and little investment.
2, high-quality carbon molecular sieve
With a large adsorption capacity, high compressive performance and long service life. Normal operating life of up to 10 years.
3, fail-safe system
Configure fault system alarm and auto start function for users to ensure system operation safety.
4, more economical than other nitrogen supply methods
The PSA process is a simple nitrogen production method. With air as raw material, the energy consumption is only the power consumed by the air compressor, which has the advantages of low operating cost, low energy consumption, and high efficiency.
5, mechanical and electrical integration design to achieve automated operation
Imported PLC control fully automatic operation. The nitrogen flow pressure purity can be adjusted and displayed continuously. The pressure, flow rate and purity alarms can be set and the remote automatic control and detection measurement can be realized, realizing unmanned operation. The advanced control system makes the operation more simple, can realize unattended and remote control, and can monitor various working conditions in real time, thus ensuring the stability of gas purity and flow.
6, high-quality components are stable and reliable guarantee
Pneumatic valves, electromagnetic pilot valves and other key components are imported configurations, reliable operation, fast switching speed, life of more than a million times, low failure rate, easy maintenance, low maintenance costs.
7, Oxygen content continuous display, over-limit automatic alarm system
On-line monitoring of nitrogen purity ensures that the required nitrogen purity is stable.
8, advanced loading technology ensures the service life of the equipment
Advanced packing technology is used to make the molecular sieve evenly distributed without dead angle, and it is not easy to pulverize. The adsorption tower uses a multi-stage airflow distribution device and an automatic pressurizing device with a balanced method. To ensure the adsorption performance and compaction state of carbon molecular sieves and effectively prolong the service life of carbon molecular sieves.
9, failed automatic nitrogen evacuation system
The low-purity nitrogen at the beginning of power-on is automatically drained, and the air is supplied after the index is reached.
10, nitrogen purity adjustable
The purity of nitrogen can be adjusted easily, and can be arbitrarily adjusted according to the user’s requirement from 79% to 99.99%. In addition, the unique purification technology can be used to connect the nitrogen purifier at the later stage to obtain 99.9995% high-purity nitrogen gas.
11, the system’s unique cycle switching process
Reduces valve wear, extends equipment life and reduces maintenance costs.
12, free debugging, lifelong maintenance
Strong technical and quality after-sales service, provide continuous technical support, so that users no worries.Hot Products suppliers

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