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Parking Counting System factory

  • Контактное лицо: 88
  • Область: Дніпропетровська область
  • Город: Along
  • Адрес: About Us, Riggerte (Xiamen) Forklift Truck Attachment Co.,Ltd is locate in Xiamen city which is a manufacturing base of forklift trucks,attachments and engineering machinery in china.We are manufacturer and have been offered custom services for many customers all around the world., What we do:, Our products include paper roll clamps,carton clamps,rotators,push & pull,sideshifters,fork positioners,bale clamps and our patented double lock couplers for excavators. These forklift attachments can do fork,clamp,push,pull,rotate and side shifting operations,and they are widely used in paper making,tobacco,printing,harbor,packing,chemical and construction industries and matched with Linde,Heli,Hyster,Caterpillar,Toyota and other world top brands forklift trucks., Our Advantages:, 1. We are manufacturer., We own a 2200 square meters workshop and some equipment,for example, NC cutting machine,hydraulic press machine,semi-automatic welding machine,painting machine,ultrasonic flaw detector and so on., 2. We offer custom service
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With the development of urbanization, there has been rapid increase in car ownership of urban residents. Meanwhile, the contradiction between car and parking in the crowded city center has been more and more prominent. Public parking lot hasn’t been unable to satisfy more and more parking demands little by little. It’s has already been the problem to be solved nowadays to maximally satisfy parking demands of vehicles by making full use of limited resources of parking lots.
Problems about parking lot nowadays:
1. How many parking spaces are available in the parking lot? The manager has no idea about it, so it only can be figured out manually;
2. The parker cannot park the vehicle in the parking space after driving into the parking lot, so he only could search for the unoccupied parking space in disorder. As a result, the main lane resources in the parking lot are occupied and even traffic jam will be caused there;
3. A lot of full-time managers should be assigned to guide in parking the cars in the parking lot, thus the management cost of parking lot is increased.
4. The manager cannot make statistics of traffic flow at different stages and also cannot immediately optimize parking resource configuration every day, thus the use ratio of parking lot is very low.
Parking Counting System factory

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